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Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

Perfect for casement and hinged windows that have vertical bars. Panels slide to give easy access to the existing window for ventilation and can be removed for cleaning.

Now available with SGG Standip Silence Glass - Click here for more information


Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

Ideal for vertical sliding sash windows. Available with balances and with a tilt back easy clean facility.


Hinged Secondary Glazing

Ideal for bays, providing fire escape and specialist applications. Can give large clear opening for greater ventilation and full access to the existing window.


Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Suitable for tight spaces, bay windows and where other secondary styles are not possible. Ideal for windows where only occasional access is required.


Fixed Secondary Glazing

Inexpensive, ultra slim-line and very simple to fit. Ideal for where access to windows is not required.


Combination Units

We are able to combine/ couple together our hinged & lift out secondary glazing units. Perfect for use in bay windows.