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Just like your fridge and your washing machine, energy rated windows have an energy efficiency rating too. It runs from a top energy rating of “A” all the way down to “G”.

To keep it as simple, “D” and below are standard low quality windows that lose a fair bit of heat that you have kindly paid for, on average about 25% of your heating bill is wasted through heat loss from your regular standard window. Not only can energy rated windows dramatically reduce your heating bills another reassur ing point is energy rated windows are built that bit better and last much longer.

Until now, you would probably expect to find ‘D’ rated windows on new build extensions or as low as “E” rated on some window replacements, as there was no requirement to install any better. Since October 2010 it has become compulsory to install at least a ‘C’ rated window (or a minimum 1.6uv) in new window replacements.

The window rating is basically determined on the balance between the heat lost from the home and the heat gained from the sun. This is influenced by the ‘low-E’ coating on the glass, the argon gas infill, the gap between the glazing and the number of chambers within the frame.

A point you should consider when deciding on which rating you require is that an ‘A’ rated window is of maximum benefit on south facing elevations, the lack of solar gain on the other facing elevations mean that a ‘B’ rating would be better value for money , or to save further still and achieve all of the legal requirements maybe a ‘C’ rating would be more suitable for you?

Energy rated windows are as easy as ABC........