Secondary Glazing

Horizontal sliding

Our Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing is extremely versatile, slides smoothly and is available with two to five panels. 

Horizontal sliders are perfect for sound and thermal insulation for casement windows, hinged windows, or any window that has vertical bars. 

Panels slide within the frame allowing easy access to the existing outer windows & provide ventilation without interfering with curtains or blinds. 

Vertical sliding

Our Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing is ideal for providing thermal insulation and sound proofing for traditional wooden box sash windows, or any other windows that have horizontal bars. 

Panels slide up and down in the same way as vertical sliding sash windows and provide easy access to the existing window. When open they provide ventilation without interfering with curtains or blinds.

Our Vertical Sliders are extremely versatile, slide smoothly and are available with spring balances or spring catches to hold the sliding sashes in an open position. We can also provide vertical sliders with a unique tilt back cleaning facility.


Generally hinged secondary glazing lends itself to use in hard to treat areas such as bay windows and other specialist applications. It is ideal for large glass areas where quick and easy regular access is required. i.e. for maintenance, ventilation or cleaning.

Butt hinged units open to around 150° giving a large clear opening for full access to the existing windows. 

Friction hinged units open to around 65° providing a large opening. The friction hinges allow the panel to be held in any given position, regulating ventilation. 

Parallel hinged or PIP™ secondary provides a restricted opening for controlled, secure ventilation. Hinged units can also be combined with Lift Out units, making them perfect for specialist applications.

Lift Out & Fixed

Our Lift Out Secondary Glazing units offer an alternative to horizontal and vertical sliders, and are able to treat large areas of clear glass while avoiding being visible from outside. The large panels can be lifted out of the frame for cleaning or to provide ventilation. However it is not an ideal system, for where regular access is required. 

Our Fixed secondary glazing units are the most inexpensive and easy to fit style of secondary glazing we offer. An effective method of reducing noise and heat loss, and considered to be the most easily reversible change. It has pre-drilled countersunk holes and is very popular in conservation areas, especially in leasehold properties where changing the existing windows maybe uneconomical or an impossibility.